Welcome Remarks

Welcome to the Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology It is an honor for me to welcome you to The Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology (KSID).
Let me give you a brief introduction to our Society.

Our Society was founded in 1991 and hosted the 25th Annual Meeting in the last spring and will host the 7th Research Camp in the coming autumn.
The Society has steadily grown in the past 25 years. I think that now is the time for our Society to make systematic efforts to advance the level of basic research in dermatology in Korea to a world class level, which is also an aim of the Society. To accomplish the aim, we need to create and nurture a research environment in which Society members can help and cooperate with one another, and our Society intends to newly implement the activities listed below.

  • First,we shall support young faculty members to start research on their own. In other words, our Society shall set up a system which will support mentors and mentees to conduct joint research and in which leading professors can provide help to young professors.
  • Second,our Society shall endeavor to raise funds to create an environment where the Society members can conduct research steadily. The Society shall put together 3-4 research teams whose members will jointly take on and carry out large research projects. Moreover, our society shall activate “Fund-Raising for the Advancement of the Society”, in order to secure long-term research funds.
  • Third,our Society shall establish academic awards for the purpose of inspiring a great enthusiasm for research.
  • Fourth,we shall communicate actively with various academic disciplines in order to promote joint research. To do that, relevant schemes shall be formulated so that more researchers from academic fields other than dermatology will participate in academic conferences and/or research camps.
  • Fifth,preparations shall be made and promoted in detail for Korea to host the International Investigative Dermatology meeting which is slated to be held in Asia in 2023. We shall make every effort to host the conference successfully by utilizing our experiences of having hosted the World Congress of Dermatology in the past.

Dear my Society members, as the first-ever President of The Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology after the roles of the Chairperson of the Board and President have been combined, I will do my best to accomplish faithfully the above-mentioned activities and create an environment for international academic communication and exchange, for the sake of the advancement of the dermatological research in Korea. In order for me to accomplish all this, I need warm encouragement, heart-felt support and active assistance from each one of you.

Thank you ever so much.

August, 2015 Jin Ho Chung
The Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology